Membership Benefits

With your generous donation today, you will become a member of The Citizens for Coastal Conservancy. In addition to playing a critical role in protecting our natural resources, you’ll receive our member benefits, including:

Sponsor A Project

We have all kinds of events and needs in our community. Bring us an idea or become a sponsor for upcoming events. To make a better community we need your involvement. Call or Email today!

Give a Donation

Giving makes the world go around, and generosity is spread through giving. Give a donation today to start the generosity movement in your community. We are a California state registered 501c3 non profit and your donation may be fully tax deductible.


Volunteers are the biggest part of community and making change.We need you and your friends to get involved so we can benefit our local communities with generosity. These movements that change the world start with you. How are you going to make a difference today?

Corporate Support​

We need your support today, but if you have a corporation that needs a tax right off. Then we need your corporate support to put plans in action. We have big visions for 2020 and it starts with donations and volunteers. Please reach out to us with any ideas or support.