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Dec 2018

Save Imperial Beach | Stop Sewage Dumping

PETITION: Opposing USMCA Comprehensive Plan- Stop the Sewage Dump The USMCA Comprehensive Plan will set in place the infrastructure to permanently pollute our public beaches from the border to Coronado. It will also place retention ponds of Mexico’s sewage next to our San Ysidro homes in the United States. ` The coastline at Imperial Beach Pier and Border Field State Park have averaged 66 and 170 closure days per year since 2003, respectively. Since 2019 those beach closure days have risen to average of 262 beach closure days. This is with the current rate of dumping of Mexican sewage at 25,000,000 million gallons a day (MGD). The USMCA Comprehensive plan is a false promise because it claims that a cleaner ocean will happen if they are allowed to dump more sewage off Imperial Beach. If fully developed this plan would dump up to 100,000,000 (MGD) peak out flow. This pollution increase to our ocean is completely unacceptable to residents, beach users, surfers, and fisherman. By signing this petition, I hereby communicate to the EPA and all Public Officials my opposition to ANY increase in additional processed sewage being dumped off Imperial Beach. Sign the Petition today! - Concerned Resident