Environmental Justice

We have all kinds of events and needs in our community. Bring us an idea or become a sponsor for upcoming events. To make a better community we need your involvement. Call or Email today!


Managed Retreat

Managed Retreat the greatest ruse perpetrated on local beach communities in the 20th century. Managed retreat is a form of eminent domain but without payment for your property when mitigated. Local beach communities need to come together and fight this new trend of land grab verbiage being placed in our local coastal plans. Get informed today!


Tijuana River planning

Tijuana River Valley is one of the last frontiers in southern California. We have the opportunity to clean up this cesspool into the pristine environment people claim it is. With local input from the affected communities, we have come up with a plan to channelize the river back to its natural state and remove all the trash. This cost-effective solution will save money and create a safe public use ecosystem with natural beauty and history.


San Diego Bay Access

San Diego bay access has become a topic as we run out of green space for developers. With new hotels comes the need for mitigation. Once again the South Bay suffers the loss of public access to its bayfront beaches. We are seeking volunteers for a case study highlighting public access in the San Diego bay and other areas.


High Density in IB

High density is another buzzword for political gain. As we become informed high density does not resonate well with IB’s classic beach town theme and feel. The citizens come out again and again against these ideas. Yet our city leaders push forward with deaf ears even though the citizens voice opinions of the opposition. This is our community and should be our choice, let’s hold those accountable for their actions.


South Bay Master Plan

South Bay master plan, we need some clarity on the purpose and how it will affect the South Bay communities for the long run. We are gathering concerned citizens together so to be a stakeholder in these decisions. Get involved today to make your impact on the future and our children’s.