The main problem with these outside groups doing city planning, such as Sandag and the San Diego Port District, is they don’t listen to the people that live in the area. They may be terrific planners but have they ever rode a bike in Imperial Beach? Any local who is riding their bike would never ride along Palm Ave (too much traffic and vehicles going too fast) or IB Blvd. Most locals would use the practical solution which is to use back streets such as Elm ave and Holly Ave. At a recent meeting with 2 traffic engineers from AECOM they were trying to explain why a bike lane along else Palm Avenue would work by eliminating 2 vehicle lanes. After listening to them I said, “We just built the bay shore bikeway two blocks away why would anybody ride a bike along Palm Ave especially from 3:00 to 6:00 pm”. Also not to mention how the elimination of two-lane would be a disaster. The best solution is to direct the bike traffic away from Palm Ave and IB Blvd and redirect them to Neighbor streets. Locals are already Riding this way.